Hair Transplants

At the Groot DermaSurgery Centre, Dr. Nakatsui uses the latest technique of hair transplantation, which is known as Follicular Unit Transplantation. This recent revolution is the result of using high power microscopes to dissect out very large numbers of small grafts each containing one to three hairs. These follicular units are removed from the back and sides of the scalp in a strip (where they genetically have a longer life than those that were lost in the thinning or bald areas).

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Getting a hair transplant was one of the best decisions that I made. For me it definitely improved my appearance, and my level of confidence. I would highly recommend to anyone who is concerned with baldness. It is painless and very affordable. I have an older brother, who is two years older than I am and unfortunately has the same hairline. After my hair transplant, I look ten years younger than he does. – A.K.