Liposuction, also referred to as fat suction or liposculpting, is a surgical procedure which removes localized areas of fat to achieve an improvement in body contour. The change of silhouette produced by liposuction is equivalent to being able to focus the effects of dieting to specific areas of the body.

The cells that are removed by liposuction do not grow back. The new, more pleasing silhouette is permanent. If a person later gains or loses weight, the change tends to be distributed proportionately over the entire body.

The procedure is designed for people who are close to their normal weight and have found that through diet and exercise they are unable to rid themselves of unwanted fat deposits. It is not used for the treatment of generalized obesity. It is also not effective for the treatment of stretch marks, cellulite or other contour deformities produced by tissue other than fat.

I am thrilled with my new hips. A week after surgery all has gone according to script. I really appreciated the great working relationship demonstrated by your professional team and want to thank you for a caring experience. – L.S.

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Quick Facts

Description: Body sculpting through removal of fat from localized areas of the body. Techniques include tumescent and laser assisted liposuction.

Average Cost: $3500.00 per area.

Length of Procedure: Varies according to number of sites, technique, and amount of fat to be removed.

Anesthesia: Local anesthetic with intravenous sedation.

Recovery Time: Depending on the areas treated and the extent of liposuction, back to work within five to seven days and resume strenuous activity in three to eight weeks.

Treatment Frequency: Once, as long as weight is maintained.

Risks: Bruising, fat or blood clots, adverse reaction to the anesthetic and epinephrine used in tumescence, numbness, asymmetry, contour irregularities or dimpling, sagging skin, infection and scarring at the insertion sites.

Duration of Results: Noticeable improvement in the first few days, but continued improvement for six months after surgery as swelling decreases. Results must be maintained with proper diet and exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

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